Monday, 27 April 2009

"Composition for a film projector barcode and a spotlight"

My last project produced at Worm was a film based on the sound of a barcode.

The film was shown in an installation titled "Composition for a film projector barcode and a spotlight". The installation consists of, as the title discribes, a 16mm film projector, a spotlight and a film based on manipulating a barcode to play scales of tones. The barcode has been copied to a transparent sticker and then glued to the film all the way to the soundtrack of the film. The barcode then makes sound as it passes the photoelectric cell. By having glued on a barcode in different sizes, the barcode plays over a range of two octaves (from low to high C). The fun thing is that you can also see how the volume changes with the contrast of the lines. The more contrast the higher volume.


The film is originally 9 min. long. This extract is 45 sec., but you'll get the point.

The installation was first shown at Art Made Me Do It! in Bergen, Norway, May 2008.

The local TV-station, btv, visited my studio before the open studios event in Bergen, B-Open, 2008. This was shown at Triplet November 20th 2008. You can take a look at the interview here. Unfortunately it's not transcribed in English.



  1. Wow! That's totally awesome!Your article let me learn that barcode can not only display in html, but also in a film. Good sharing!