Sunday, 6 September 2009

Making my own opto-electrical synthesis

Rough sketch for a piece in my next project to be presented at Rom 8 in Bergen, Norway November 6th-15th.

A 16mm Steenbeck editing table in the center of the installation displays a film loop of waves filmed at Hoek van Holland May 2009.
The waves goes on to sound by a opto-electrical synthesis connected to the screen picking up the differences in the light density and transforms the amount of light to voltage and sound. You are then hearing the sound of the waves simultaneously while watching the loop.
On the editing table itself there is attached an old fashioned EKG, electrocardiograph, that normally measures the electrical activity in the heart of a person and records such activity as a visual trace. This EKG picks up electrical impulses from the editing table and conveys those signals to wave shaped graphs on paper. The paper continues to flow from the EKG producing waves of paper out in the gallery space.
Like this the waves will go through several stages; first as light and photons to sound waves to electrical impulses to waves scribbled by the EKG to wave shaped paper.

Still image from the 16mm film loop.


  1. this is one of the rare, high quality blogs that are floating around..i'm glad i saw it go past me.

  2. Thanks, vibhu! Keep on stopping by my site -there's more to come. I'll try to update the blog often and put my thoughts and projects out there.

  3. i am intrigued!
    good luck with your projects, and hope to see u soon!
    all the best form r'dam,