Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The sound of typography and topography

In my search for the "sound trail" after M/S Polarstar; being the optical soundtrack based on harbour- and sea maps, I found some amazingly interesting sounds. The sound of topography at sea and the typography of the explanatory symbols of the nautical navigational charts also includes several harbours. Two in Greenland, two in Norway, and others in Canada, Cuba and Uruguay has been scanned and made into sound.

The following soundpiece is an harbour -a small settlement in the Eastern Greenland, Kap Tobin (Scoresby Sund/Kangertittivaq).
(There's no image)


The soundpieces are to be presented in an installation at Rom 8 in Bergen, Norway this fall.


  1. Fine lyder, interessante prosjekter!

  2. I really like the drawing, almost looks like a max patch : )

  3. Øyvind: Tusen takk og takk for sist!
    Maximiliam: Thanks! The installation has changed a bit since that drawing, but stay tuned for the final result that soon will be published on this blog.