Wednesday, 1 April 2009


The gramophone record, the musical thought, the score, the waves of sound, all stand to one another in that pictorial internal relation, which holds between language and the world. To all of them the logical structure is common.
(Wittgenstein, 1999: 32)

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim (b.1981 in Bergen, Norway) is a visual artist, conceptual poet and composer currently working with the translation between visual and auditive systems, concrete poetry and the concept of isomorphia.

Through installations, visual scores and concrete poetry, Jordheim's work springs from an interdisiplinary agenda; between genres, fields of art and medium, and the thesis that all visual has sound. Jordheim thematizes the human need for systematization and questions if there a direct connection between language and the world; topography, typography, text, architecture and sound/music. The scores are often frame work for a collaboration with musicians, where the outcome is in the translation between the visual and the musical improvisation.
John Cage stated that letting go of control when composing is a spiritual and philosophic matter, that creates a bridge between music and fine art.

Jordheim holds an MA in fine art from Oslo National Academy of Arts (2011). Previous shows, screenings and publications include Hayward publishing and Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK), Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag (Namsos, Norway), Signal (Malmö, Sweden), Matrix Magazine (Montreal, Canada), Alpineum Produzentengalerie (Luzern, Switzerland), Bury Art Museum (Bury, UK) and UBUweb. Jordheim lives and works in Oslo, Norway.  

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