Monday, 11 May 2009


Wednesday I'm showing some Norwegian short films.
More info here on Worm's website.
These films are to be screened:

Norway's gaze upon experimental films has changed radically during the last 40 years, Stephen Dwoskin's landmark “FILM IS” survey of the Free Cinema remarking for instance in 1975 that “Scarcely any strong independent film-making activity exists among Sweden's Scandinavian neighbours. Norway, for instance, has shown virtually no films of her own”.

Arild Kristo is perhaps one of the only 'underground' norwegian filmmakers known from the 60s, with ”Kristoball” from 1967 (11min) looked upon as a genuine expression of the spirit of the time. But despite winning prizes in Berlin, MoMA snapping up his photographic work and French critics voting "Kristoball" as one of the worlds 100 most important films, Kristo was sometimes in his home country looked upon as one of Norway's all-time "most refused" filmmakers! Never receiving any grants or funding from the Norwegian state, he fled to NYC and continued his filmmaking there.

Today however's a different story, films from artists such as Bull.Miletic, Jeremy Welsh, Inger Lise Hansen, Hjørdis Kurås, Michel Pavlou, Linn Lervik, Unn Fahlstrom and Farhad Kalantary well supported and wildly screened - Farhad Kalantary actually one of the initiators of ATOPIA, a project for a Retrospective exhibition of Norwegian film and video art begun in 2007.

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim is Artist in Residence at WORM and is a visual artist currently working with concepts of optical sound on film, formalism vs. narrativity and Musique concréte. She's assisting the ATOPIA project for a Retrospective exhibition of Norwegian film and video art. Alongside her own work and historical works from Arild Kristo will Jordheim tonight present films from former students at the northernmost film-school in the world – Nordland College of Art and Film!

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