Sunday, 29 November 2009

”Horizon, no horizon. (The poetry of) Repetitive Vertical Movement (at sea)”

My fascination of the sea has obviously not yet been satisfied by «POLARSTAR».

Since my last project I’ve been occupied by the shape of mountains and waves and how they can relate to optical sound. The saw-toothed shape of mountains of, for example, the Lofot Isles can easily be associated with the unilateral variable area soundtrack that is one of the 3 most used forms of optical soundtrack on film. And by playing such a shape would have a sound close to [e]. On the other hand the sleek sine curve shape of a wave would resemble the sound close to [a].

The funny thing I discovered is that the shape of steep mountains visually looks more than captial A, than E, and a linje of minuscule handwritten e’s looks more like waves than a line of a’s.

So the sounds wants it the other way around.

Blame the incorrectness on the Roman alphabet.

Since the project is all about letters and 2D material (no speakers in sight), it has turned from musique concrete to concrete poetry in shapes, patterns and typography. The ship rolling around an axis parallel to or crossing the direction of motion almost give a vertical movement at rough seas where you see and do not see the horizon of mountains.

”Horizon, no horizon. (The poetry of) Repetitive Vertical Movement (at sea)” is first shown at Oslo National Academy of the Arts’ christmas calendar of fine arts December 3rd curated by Tito Frey and Mohamed Fadlabi.

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