Monday, 7 December 2009

Documentation «POLARSTAR»

Here's some documentation photos of how my exhibition «POLARSTAR» at Rom8 November 2009 in Bergen looked like.

(Above: Photo of stone collected at East Greenland 1966)

(Above: Still Image from loop on the editing table screen. Wave filmed at Hoek van Holland. Below: "And it curled up and broke on the shore", Editing table, 16mm film loop and EKG )

(Above: Detail of the film in the light boxes. This is box #1 - scannig the harbour map og Juliannehåb/Quartotoq.
Below: "The distance from A to B", light box installation and sound.)

(Above: The catalogue/ artist book "POLARSTAR -the sound trail/ POLARSTAR -the voyage" was of course a part of the show.)

Parts of the exhibition was also shown at Open Academy, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Fine Arts in December 2009.

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