Wednesday, 29 April 2009

M/S Polarstar

Lately my interest has been the stories of the legendary old Norwegian sealer M/S Polarstar that has been hunting in the arctic North Atlantic since 1949.
In periods of time it has been used for several other things; for scientific studies, for passenger traffic and sysselmannsbåt (the boat of the local governor) at Svalbard, but was in 2007 back as a sealer doing traditional hunting.
Lots of pictures from the 70s here. And here.

It is fascinating stories both for the historical value of it, but also when it comes to the dream of the great artic adventure. It's especially interesting because of my own personal reasons -my grandfather was the chef on board M/S Polarstar for several years.

Monday, 27 April 2009

"Composition for a film projector barcode and a spotlight"

My last project produced at Worm was a film based on the sound of a barcode.

The film was shown in an installation titled "Composition for a film projector barcode and a spotlight". The installation consists of, as the title discribes, a 16mm film projector, a spotlight and a film based on manipulating a barcode to play scales of tones. The barcode has been copied to a transparent sticker and then glued to the film all the way to the soundtrack of the film. The barcode then makes sound as it passes the photoelectric cell. By having glued on a barcode in different sizes, the barcode plays over a range of two octaves (from low to high C). The fun thing is that you can also see how the volume changes with the contrast of the lines. The more contrast the higher volume.


The film is originally 9 min. long. This extract is 45 sec., but you'll get the point.

The installation was first shown at Art Made Me Do It! in Bergen, Norway, May 2008.

The local TV-station, btv, visited my studio before the open studios event in Bergen, B-Open, 2008. This was shown at Triplet November 20th 2008. You can take a look at the interview here. Unfortunately it's not transcribed in English.


Monday, 20 April 2009

My view of R'dam

I'm back in Rotterdam again, two years since I first moved to the city.
At that time as an exchange student. Now as an Artist in Residence at Worm Filmwerkplaats.
There's always people I know that go to Rotterdam for some reason and this is the map I'm drawing to explain how Rotts work. Simple, but my view.

Click on it to get a bigger version that you can print and bring with you.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim is a visual artist, conceptual poet and composer working with the translation between visual and auditive systems, concrete poetry and the concept of isomorphia.

She has her BA from Bergen National Academy of the Arts, dep. of Fine Art and graduated with an MA degree in fine art at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.
Co-founder and curator of ++ (2010-2013).


* Dialogue For Aerophones, November 2013
Dialogue For Aerophones on SoundCloud

* We Built This City (On Rock And Roll), 2012

First Of All There Is Blue (1.movement) on SoundCloud 
Brown And I Got Ham (2.movement) on SoundCloud 
White And Blue -This section includes education (3.movement) on SoundCloud
First Of All There Is Blue, text
Recording First Of All There Is Blue, June 2012
First Of All There Is Blue, performance September 2012
Early notation, First Of All There Is Blue, January 2012
The poster
Performing at The Annual State Exhibition
Performing at Alte Schmiede, Vienna, Janauary 2014

* Horizon, no horizon.(The poetry of) Repetitive Vertical Movement (at sea), 2009
Horizon.No Horizon, drawings
Performing Horizon. No Horizon. Sept. 17th, 2011
Horizon. No Horizon @ UBUWEB
Performing Horizon. No Horizon. Produzentengalerie Luzern, November 2013
Documentation Horizon. No Horizon. Produzentengalerie Luzern, November 2013
Performing Horizon. No Horizon. Alte Schmiede, Vienna, January 2014

* Fra Vestfjorden performance 2011
Fra Vestfjorden on SoundCloud
Fra Vestfjorden 2011
Thesis on Fra Vestfjorden (Norwegian) 2011
How does it sound?

* Instruksjoner for hår 2010

* Nausea 2010
Nausea (documentation)

* Natural Science Approach to Synesthesia (Picking my brain), 2010

* Let's put it into words, 2010

* Teaching the Ocean the Alphabet, 2010

* Practease, 2010

POLARSTAR (documentation)
POLARSTAR (writings)

* Composition for a film projector, barcode and a spotlight, 2008
   Barcodes, 16mm film (Full version) 2008

* (Pro)found, 2008

Printed matter:

* partitur
Now Available at Printed Matter Inc. and Torpedo Bokhandel, Oslo

* Polarstar



July 25th 2015

Launch of The New Concrete
-Concrete and visual poetry published from 2000 to the present day
Hayward Publishing, Southbank Centre

Talk and screening at Whitechapel Gallery
London, UK 

July 24th 2015

The Great Treatise
Published by no press
Calgary, Canada
August 1st - October 3rd 2015
The Text Festival
Bury, Manchester, UK


Participation in:
Raume für Notizen
Vienna, Austria   

Participation in:
Coldfront magazine
– an online information hub of contemporary poetry
Essay on the state of contemporary concrete poetry, by Derek Beaulieu
BYPASS editions
Malmø, Sweden


Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim.
Born in Bergen, Norway 1981


Oslo National Academy of Arts, Fine Arts, Oslo (MA)
Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Fine Arts, Bergen (BA)
Nordland Art- and Filmschool, Kabelvåg
Art history, NTNU, Trondheim

Solo Exhibitions

Hele Verden Er Et Noteark /All The World's A Stave
Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos, Norway
NAUSEA Galleri 21:24, Oslo
POLARSTAR Rom8, Bergen, Norway
POLARSTAR Open Academy SKA, Oslo
Expanding Silverscreen Rotterdam, Netherlands
Motion Pictures, KHiB Bergen

Selected Group Exhibitions/Publications

Publication in EtceteraVienna, Austria
Raume für notizenScmhiede and galerie wechselstrom, Vienna, Austria
Publication Räume für Notizen -a collection of international visual poetry
Edited by Vienna based edition ch/Günter Vallaster

Winter Solstice, ANX/Pnek Atelier Nord, Oslo
Local Colour: Ghosts, In Edit Mode Press, Malmö, publication and performance at Signal -Center för Samtidskonst, Malmö, Sweden
a global visuage -Visual Poetry Anthology (ed: Jörg Piringer/Günter Vallaster), Graz and Vienna
Publication for no press, Calgary, Canada  
We Built This City On Rock And Roll, Conseptualisms Dossier, Matrix Magazine, Montreal
First Of All There Is Blue, performance ++ Black Box Teater, Oslo

UbuWeb, Visual Poetry Section (
Ultima Contemporary Music Festival/deFAAKT: I Walk The Line Performances
Kunstakademiet Masterutstilling, Stenersenmuseet
MFAPS Educational Art Show, Oslo
++, Black Box Teater
Natural Science Approach to Synesthesia (Picking my brain), UKS, Oslo

Natural Science Approach to Synesthesia (Picking my brain)
Christmas Calendar, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, dep. Fine Arts, Norway
Instructions for hair Open Academy, Oslo Norway
Horizon, No Horizon.(The poetry of) Repetitive Movement (at sea) One Night Only, SKA, Oslo

Horizon, No Horizon. (The poetry of) Repetitive Vertical Movement (at sea) SKA, Oslo Norway
Herre i eget hus? BOA, Oslo, Norway

Art Made Me Do It, BA graduation show
KHiB, dep. Of Fine Art Bergen
5 young artists, Namsos Kunstforening Namsos

Phonogamous, Bergen
PrøveRommet, BiT Teatergarsjen Bergen

Union, Galleri Fisk Bergen
Oslo Art Festival Oslo
Grant exhibition, Nord-Trøndelag Fylkesgalleri, Namsos
Action causes more trouble than thought, Galleri 21:25, Oslo

Avgangsutstilling Svolvær, Stamsund
ReAl KUNSTh, UiB Bergen

Hvilken vei?, LIAF Kabelvåg
NAM-NAM, LIAF Kabelvåg


ATA Film- and Videofestival, San Francisco, USA
Incubate, Tillburg, Netherlands
700IS Reykjavik, Iceland
Art Video Exchange (AVE), Landmark Bergen militia Jakarta, Indonesia
Worm Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nordic Video Exchange NORWYDEO:
Laznia Center of Contemporary Art Gdansk, Poland
Bergen Kunsthall, Landmark Bergen
Members Club, The Great Fall;
Galleri Experimentalniprostor Nod Prague, Czech Republic
Eleven, The Space London, UK
Eleven, The Tobacco Factory Bristol, UK
Minimalen Shortfilmfestival Trondheim
Minimalen Shortfilmfestival Trondheim
Mørket Nu Bodø
Just feel, M/S Innvik Oslo