Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Face Tunes

While visiting the John Cage show at Henie-Onstad earlier this month I discovered the American choreographer Simone Forti in a video piece where she gives a lecture about movement. I was not familiar with her work and started out with buying her book "Handbook in Motion" (1974) in the museum shop. On my way home on the bus I started reading about her work and especially one piece for drawings and whistle called "Face Tunes" (1967).

The profile lines of different faces are drawn on to a roll of paper slowly being rolled from one side to another. The performer follows the trace of the profile contours with a stick attached to a slide-whistle. In this way, the whistle plays the profiles as the drawings rolls by.

In all of her sketches and practice it's quite captivating how the written score of choreography and the drawing and sound can resemble musical scores, but with movement.
It has all the aspects of traveling/movement/linear/time-based -it's video, sound, travel, linear, choreography, written score, movement. Everything that I enjoy.