Sunday, 8 May 2011

How does it sound?

  1. Why would one produce the sound of a mountain?
  2. What is it that tells me that this horizon should be documented? Will it not be there forever?
  3. Is it an attempt to describe something eternal and solid that has been there for ages, long before man managed to put it's knowledge of the mountain into systems like language, drawings, maps, geological- and geographical methods?
  4. Isn't art the desire to shape and describe something that cannot be grasped, and doesn't this apply to all academic diciplines?
  5. Where is the relationship between art and science at this point, and how does human factors and inaccurancies come to question when the premises are added and selected by ourselves? Is it choice or chance?
  6. Has modern man lost its ability to combine factual knowledge in, i.e. mathematics, with an intuitive sensitivity to the basic correlations?
  7. What challenges and constraints does the notational system provide us?
  8. Where lies the need to systematize and represent nature? Is music always a mime of nature or is it an abstract autonomous form?
  9. Is there an isomorfic relation (a similitude) between nature and language; the shape of the mountains and the sound of it?
  10. And how does it sound?

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