Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Most of the time I wonder how things would sound like if you gave them the opportunity to emit sound. My ongoing project "Fra Vestfjorden" (From the West Fjord) is adressing these questions by translating the form of mountains to a composition for a string quartet, through the graphical system of the notation. The final result will be shown at Stenersenmuseet May 20th in Oslo, and will shortly after be presented here at Optoelectric.

To my new NYC friends

This is the project with the barcodes on analogue 16 mm film that I`ve described for some of you during the last week.

This piece is one of many in a series of translation projects facing visual and auditive systems and the concept of isomorphia.

Professor Jeremy Welsh adressed this topic in a text he wrote for one of my more recent projects, POLARSTAR, here:

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Thank you!

Franz Kline and Myself