Thursday, 20 September 2012

Artist Book at Torpedo

Did you miss out on the artist book partitur when it was for sale at Stenersenmuseet last year, or haven't yet ordered from Printed Matter, NYC? Don't be sad, because from today it's on sale at Torpedo Bookshop in Oslo!
Direct link here.

partitur is a score that seeks to understand the connection between the visual and auditory, both synesthetic and graphical, and to discover the Wittgensteinian theory of isomorphic relations between the idea and the world.

This book is part of the project entitled From Vestfjord (The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music). In this project I have challenged conventional readings of images by "translating" a picture of a mountain range in Vestfjord in North Norway into a musical score for a string quartet. This process entailed creating a linear dot-to-dot drawing from which I developed the score in the graphical shape of the mountain range, aiming at the discovery of the relationship between the shape and the sound.
A technique often used by twelve-tone composer Arnold Schoenberg, the original musical line can be played in four different ways. The original way (prime), backwards (retrograde), upside-down (inverse) and backwards upside-down (retrograde-inverse). In this case the photo indicates the 147 sequences for violin to be played in 68 bpm (indicating the mountain's latitude) with no vibrato.

The central question in contemporary music today is whether music is representational or if it is an autonomous art form unrelated to nature. Although conceptual in its core, the musical outcome of this project brings connotations of the dramatic classical music and the philosophy of the romantic period.

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