Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Quote on quoting by Helen White

I was so fortunate of meeting visual poet Helen White in Malmö Monday on the occasion that both of us where performing at the launch of Local Colour: Ghosts, Variations.
She has a quote online about what visual poetry that I have to share with you:

(Helen White) read that visual poems can't be quoted. That a poem you can quote, you can learn by heart, has an intimacy a visual poem will never achieve. Silly vispo, how defective. How uncontrollably physical of it. Like stupid, stupid music you can't grab hold of, stupid dance you can't write down. I dream of making poems you can't possess, can't appropriate, can't get over. They'll choose their intimacies as it suits them.  

(image above: performance by Helen White at Signal, Malmö Dec. 17th)

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