Tuesday, 24 January 2012

White and Blue

First of all there is Blue -Paul Auster

First of all there is Blue. Later there is White, and then there is
Black, and before the beginning there is Brown. Brown broke
him in, Brown taught him the ropes, and when Brown grew
old, Blue took over. That is how it begins. The place is New
York, the time is the present, and neither one will ever change.
Blue goes to his office every day and sits at his desk, waiting for
something to happen. For a long time nothing does, and then a
man named White walks through the door, and that is how it

First blue. So, white, and if so,
Black, gray and old. Brown and
I Got ham, bacon, a symbol of Brown, when Brown grew up in
Old blue train. Freed. This is a new
New York, one day, but it has not changed.
Blue in the office and wait for the crime
Some come. Long time, no response, so the
The white door, a large percentage of
He started.

White and blue.
And so on.
Ham, bacon, colors, each color.
This section includes education, the old blue.
No one in New York, and not change during the day.
Crime and blue Office.
Part of the story.
Free program.