Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Last half of 2013

The following months are going to pass really quick as there's a packed schedual to follow until December. Also with personal deadlines to handle, it seems like spring will be a bit calmer period. Funny how things seem to cluster up. But hey! I've never experienced anything resembling a calm autumn.

September -November: Oslo
Det Norske Teatret: Stage design for Fem årstider
This project has been going on since January 2013 with 3 theatre stunts in public the first half of the year (1st: Winter, Febuary 19th, 2nd: Spring, April 22nd and 3rd: Summer, June 21st). We'll have another stunt in October and the project will resume in the final premiere at Scene 3 November 22nd.

September 14th-October 14: Oslo
Annual State Exhibition (Høstutstillingen), Oslo
This exhibition is the 126th year of presenting work by Norwegian artists.
Inspired by The Salon in Paris, Høstutstillingen was established in 1882 and has since 1884 been supported by the Norwegian State. This is my first year participating.
I'll be presenting First Of All There Is Blue (2012). The exact date will be out soon.

October 16th: London
I've been invited to do a screening at No.w.here lab in London, in an evening around what the curators, Karel Doing and Vicky Smith, are calling Living Film: "those works that directly engage with the materiality of the medium through physical action".
I'll be presenting my 16mm film Barcodes from 2008, which is a hands-on way of working with film and composing a musical piece for a barcode and a film projector.
This is how it was presented originally.
At No.w.here lab I'll be screening the original 16mm copy -I hope it has been stored in such a way that it runs smoothly through the projector after 5 years in the box..

November 15th -17th: Oslo
Oslo Poesifilm, Kunstnernes Hus.
New project to be presented -a language based composition for an aerophone quintet.
More info to come on the blog about this project really soon!
This is a collaboration with Oslo International Poetry Festival and Ny Musikk.
One of the artists participating is a person I admire and look up to, the father of uncreative writing; Kenneth Goldsmith.
Can't wait to see what he'll be presenting!

January 30th, 2014: Vienna
Günter Vallester and Jörg Piringer has invited me for a literary event called Räume für Notizen at Alte Scmiede in Vienna. This project is more or less a follow-up to the collection of visul art A Global Visuage which I participated in autumn 2012. The Alte Schmiede Wien is a literary center founded by the city of Vienna and led by Kunstverein Wien. I'll be presenting First Of All There Is Blue (2012) and most likely another unperformed piece.

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