Monday, 30 September 2013

Dialogue for Aerophones -New project

En tenkt tanke må alltid oversettes og bearbeides før den finner sin vei ut, og en tankes originale og opprinnelige mening er alltid i fortolkningens svøpe og sårbar overfor meningsforvrengninger. Tilsløring av den originale mening starter allerede der.
Marianne Bruusgaard
( Damm, 10.10.11) 

(image: early notation, Nynorsk)

(Seems like the perfect meta-challenge to translate this quote:)

A thought must always be translated and processed before it finds its way out, and the thought's original and genuine meaning is always in the swaddle of interpretation and vulnerable to the distortion of meaning. Veiling of the original meaning starts there.
(image: early notation, kvääni)

The project takes it place from the philosophy of dialogue by Martin Buber and a quote taken from a the blog post Hvordan vet vi at en oversettelse er god? (How do we know that a translation is good?)( Damm, 10.10.11) where editor Åsfrid Hegdal is quoting her friend Marianne Bruusgaard.
This quote in Bokmål is translated to 4 other languages in Norway; Nynorsk, Sami, Kvääni and Norwegian-Romani. The texts are used in the composition by isolating the notational letters (C, D, E, F, G, A, and H) and bringing them in to the notational system to indicate pitch. The absence of the characters in between the chosen letters indicate the durations/note values.
I also did this in the Ghosts Project.
This time the piece is made for a quintet of aerophones; flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and horn.

In all of Norway Bokmål and Nynorsk are equal languages. North Sami language is equal to the Norwegian languages in some regions in Finmark and Troms. Kvääni (Kvensk) was in 2005 acknowledged as a separate language in Norway. In addition to these languages,  Norwegian-Romani is in a special position as the romani people came into the country in the 16th century. Their original language, romanés -with roots from India, has been developed over the years into an oral language called Norwegian-Romani still in use in Norway today.

Working title: Dialogue for Aerophones

Yumi Murakami - flute
Kristine Tjøgersen  -clarinet
Christine Lorentzen - oboe
Hanne Rekdal - bassoon 
Daniel Weiseth Kjellesvik - horn 

To be shown at the Oslo Poesifilm Festival, November 16th, 7:30 pm at Kunstnernes Hus
Arranged by Oslo Poesifilm and Ny Musikk.
Supported by the City of Oslo and Språkåret 2013.

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