Friday, 4 September 2015


Sometimes you just forget about works you've made.
EC-45 obviously came to be one of those.
I rediscovered it yesterday while going through and editing my biography (what film did I acctually show in Jakarta?). EC-45 was made in 2007 while transferring old VHS tapes to my computer. Some information, a few seconds of each take, was lost in the translation and distorted into green and pink lines. These sections were edited and put together.


EC-45 (2007) shows, among other things, the technical challenges and the translation one can unexpectedly get while converting old media to new media; analogue to digital, and at the same time bringing the past into present. Flashing rapidly, EC-45 gives the viewer glimpses of the artists family in the early 90s, as it derives from footage from the outdated bourgeois VHS media EC-45.

Screenings of EC-45 includes 700IS reindeerland (Reykjavik, Iceland) and militia (Jakarta, Indonesia).

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