Thursday, 30 July 2015

A poem to Phillip Glass

Beautiful project by Barrie Tullett all done with typewriter.
Online version here.

The image above is an extract of the poem, published by NO PRESS, Canada.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The New Concrete // Whitechapel // London

The New Concrete (Visual Poetry in the 21st century) was launched last weekend at Whitechapel Gallery in London, with a series of films, performances and readings.

Amongst the projects to be mentioned was definitely Barrie Tullett's talk and performance A Song For An Art School, influenced by Ursonata by Kurt Schwitters and based upon abbreviations of the different art school diciplines.
Tony Lopez' performance, Kenneth Goldsmith's Poetry in a Newspaper and SJ Fowler's performance with lego (image). The always forceful derek beaulieu's talk on concrete and visual poetry.
Furthermore Chris McCabe and Sam Winston performing Dictionary and Rick Myers’ An Excavation/A Reading (Before the Statue of Endymion) had some nice ideas to it.
I was screening my 16mm film Barcodes from 2008 and elaborated very briefly on the processes this film has started in my way into concrete and visual poetry.

A big thank you to editors Chris McCabe and Victoria Bean (image) for making this an event to remember. To all new colleagues and acquaintances from Hayward Publishing, at Whitechapel Gallery and at The White Hart into the late hours : Great chatting with you!

Exhibit A


This book was to be found at London Review Bookshop this weekend and is for sale somewhere near you. Also available at The Southbank Centre Shop.

Beautiful small press projects

From NO PRESS, Sunnyside Grocery Press, Pages.., and Spacecraft Press based in Calgary
and above/ground press, Ottawa.

Dans L'étang De Basho by Madeleine Beaulieu
Daisy Knell, Apostles of Icarus and Wow Signal by Ken Hunt
A small song that is his by bpNichol
2 slurry poems by Francesco Aprile
From Sonnet's Shakespeare by Sonnet L'Abbé
You Will Never Amount to anything by Eric Schmaltz
I dream of bookstores, give er and Lucretian Divide by derek beaulieu
A poem to Phillip Glass by Barrie Tullett
Hérve Le Tellier -A few musketeers by Daniel Levin Becker

Also projects by Nick Thurston:
Do or DIY, If I could give 200 words worth of advice to a Fine Art student in 2015
and Of the subcontract.

The Great Treatise

Fresh from NO PRESS, Canada; here's a new project entitled The Great Treatise.

Inspiring intellectuals, literary and cultural figures in the West for decades, The I-Ching, also known as The Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination manual mostly consisting of cryptic statements linked to 64 hexagrams as guidelines for life. Heavily influenced by this system, composer John Cage used it to introduce indeterminacy in music.

The Great Treatise is a text-to-score translation of one page of The I-Ching, leaving out the divinity and treating the text and the letters as a notational possibility.

A 9 pages version of this piece is to be exhibited at The Bury Art Museum for the TEXTfestschrift beginning of August.

The Tanks: Lis Rhodes

Revisiting one of my all time favourite art projects: Lis Rhodes' Light Music (1975).                                                                                                                                       

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

An Optical Poem (1938)

German-American abstract animator Oskar Fischinger started his text  ”Sounding Ornaments” (1932) with the following sentence:

”Between ornament and music persist direct connections, which means that ornaments are music”.